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I have always been a big fan of adventure games, for the pc.  Games like King`s Quest and Space Quest, and others like them that make you use your brain instead of just mashing buttons to kill things.  So when I found out about Full Throttle I just couldn`t wait.

One of my coworkers at the time had this game and invited me over.  I am not really sure how the game starts though, because my friend chose this time to do his silly biker impressions like the games characters.  I admit though they were awesome impressions.  Everything I did my friend had to make some silly comment about it in his biker voice.  I entered a bar “Hey bartender poor me a cold one” I wanted to kick him so bad but the impressions were so funny I couldn`t.

Anyway after a few hours of playing around we got to a part in the game where you have to go to someones trailer and get something.  Back in the days of these type games , sometimes clicking certain icons would get a funny response from the game.  For some unknown reason my friend tried to like a door.  Out of nowhere you hear the game say “I`m not putting my mouth on that!”  That would have been the funniest line ever BUT, yes theres always a but.  My friend had to reply “What would you put your mouth on?”  Talk about the most awkward silence ever.  37 seconds of “…….” , and a look from me saying, please do not ask that again ever!

I think I have played this game maybe 25 times in my life, and it keeps getting better.  Too bad though there was supposed to be a part 2 but it got cancelled.